42-125 Kłobuck, Poland
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Park status: under construction
Park size: 57 200 sqm
Available space: Building A: 31 508 sqm || Building B: 25 708 sqm
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Park description

Hillwood Czestochowa Zachód is a modern warehouse park composed of 2 buildings offering 57,200 sqm of total leasable space. It is located in

Gruszewnia, 13 km northwest of Częstochowa, 70 km from the Katowice/Pyrzowice airport and 150 km from Kraków Airport. The immediate access to national road no. 43, connecting Częstochowa and Wieluń, ensures excellent visibility and provides easy access to the nearby junction of the A1 highway -  "Częstochowa Jasna Góra".




  • LED lighting (B)
  • Anti-dust floor finishing
  • ESFR sprinkler installation
  • Dock doors with rubber shelters and hydraulic dock levelers
  • Ramps and drive-in doors providing access to the warehouse floor for delivery vehicles, as well as fork-lift transport between maneuvering area and the building
  • Natural light by skylight (min. 3% of the roof)

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Hillwood Polska sp. z o.o.

ul. Twarda 2

00-105 Warszawa, Polska


+ 48 690 000 225