ul. Kasztelańska

62-571 Krągola, Poland
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Wielkość parku: 600 000 mkw
Dostępna powierzchnia: 600 000 mkw
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Opis parku

Industrial Park Poland is located centrally, Poland’s largest logistics and industrial park which offers a unique possibility to build over 600 000 sqm of warehouse and production space. With 137 hectares of development land divisible into multiple land units Industrial Park Poland offers ideal conditions for production and logistics combined with excellent development opportunities like wide access to utilities. Essential to the growth of all businesses located on Industrial Park Poland’s premises are two further benefits: the investment incentives and the limitless employee potential in the region.

Park is located at the junction of the A2 highway, a part of Pan-european E30 road. This location connects both west-east and north-south logistic corridors, enabling investors to access leading Polish and European markets.

With our facilities fully tailored to any operational needs, the efficient infrastructure and a comprehensive range of services and support lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth and profitability.

More information about the project: www.industrialparkpoland.com