Hillwood has expanded its joint venture business into new markets and formed partnerships with many well known developers. Building strong local relationships and collaborative efforts, we utilize key competencies of the partnership team to acquire or develop high quality, flexible and functional properties. Bringing relationships, core-assets and enhanced services together, we execute and deliver industrial sites and facilities to market expediently.

We work with landowners, who need an experienced development partner and developers who undertake ambitious projects and seek an external source of financing. In addition to providing capital, Hillwood provides an experienced and knowledgeable team that will implement a creative approach to a common vision for each project. As a privately held development company and investment manager, we have the flexibility and creativity to be the right partner for a wide variety of projects.

Joint Venture Projects – HE Gdansk

“We are pleased to work with such a significant partner as Hillwood and are excited about their interest in our real estate in Kowale k. Gdansk, which is located near the main routes of Pomerania. These modern distribution centers are located in a prime distribution location and offer convenient access to amenities and the region. Our partnership works with Hillwood because we have an aligned strategy for managing the logistics park. We want to continue to develop, and deliver new projects. Just like Hillwood, we provide high quality services and we profess the principle of long-term ownership of our properties. I believe that our partnership on this project will benefit both parties and will lead to further development of the logistics park in Kowale. "- said Tomasz Lubowiecki, President of the 7R Logistic.