Sustainable business development

Hillwood bases its activities on the principles of sustainable development. We respect the natural environment and abide by Taxonomy rules.

Check out the ESG REPORT for Hillwood Poland!

The report provides a broader insight into the ESG initiatives and goals of Hillwood Poland, and demonstrates how they align with the company’s values. Key topics of the report include:

Actions undertaken in the field of environmental protection

Building certification

Corporate social responsibility

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Sustaining tomorrow today

The environment is the first of the three pillars of sustainable business development, often considered to be the key one. Hillwood has implemented a number of detailed guidelines addressing the impact of the company’s operations on the environment. They are aimed at, among other things, optimising business activity in terms of improving the quality of the products offered. Higher product quality means a lower carbon footprint, less exposure to climate change-related risks, and minimising environmental impact.


Green solutions

Hillwood projects use technologies that ensure energy conservation and enable the use of renewable energy sources.

We also take care of the areas around our properties so that they blend in with and form an essential part of the local landscape. As part of our investments, we plant trees and flower meadows.

Hillwood investments are BREEAM certified.

Solar enablement
Preserving green-space
Electric vehicle charging stations

Corporate social responsibility

Everything we do is based on the principles of sustainable development. We respect the natural environment. We strive to ensure that our activities are of value to both our partners and future local communities. We support local initiatives and non-governmental organizations.


Values to protect the future

Hillwood’s culture has a deep-rooted commitment to acting with integrity in everything we do. We are responsible for adhering to the highest standards of ethics and transparency based on strong leadership, sound policies and responsible business practices.


Our values


Hillwood is nimble, responsive and able to adapt quickly to a range of opportunities. We are unpressured by market demands for earnings and our ample capital allows us to pursue forward-looking investments. We are empowered to take on projects that deliver results over the short and long term.


Backed by an entrepreneurial mindset and decades of targeted experience, Hillwood is able to move boldly when opportunities emerge. We take calculated risks and work to identify unseen potential. We have the courage to think beyond the expected.


Driven by a forward-thinking approach and next-generation mindset, Hillwood constantly seeks out new opportunities to build in the path of progress. We bring imaginative thinking to a range of long-term real estate initiatives. We lead transformative endeavors that build communities and regions.


We are built on the long-standing legacy of success backed by the Perot family. We are adept at completing the most complex projects, and we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality, service and professionalism. We’ve built the resources, relationships and expertise to deliver.


At Hillwood, our unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity shapes our culture and business relationships and informs every decision we make. We have a sense of responsibility to always do what’s right, for our clients, our partners and for each other.

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