The foundation of Hillwood is its people and we attribute our company’s success to them. The principals of responsibility, understanding and teamwork are at the heart of our business. Our associates are faithful to these principals, developing them into measurable benefits for our stakeholders: our customers, communities and business partners. This is why many of the largest companies in the world have trusted Hillwood with their real estate projects and continue to work with us in new locations as they expand their business.

Responsibility – We believe it is our duty to build long-lasting, highly desirable developments that remain true to our goal of good stewardship, responsibility and care for the areas we serve.

Understanding – We listen and work closely with our stakeholders. Planning and supervising every stage of the process, we strive to provide creative and flexible solutions for our customers, while working to understand and satisfy their specific operational needs and requirements.

Teamwork – Together with our customers, communities and business partners, we collaborate to acquire and develop properties, which in turn will have a positive impact for many years to come.

Everything we do is based on the principles of sustainable development. We respect the environment and comply with the laws of economics. Hillwood strives to ensure that our actions constitute value for both our business partners and future generations.

"We're proud of our portfolio and what we have accomplished in Poland. We build for our customers and for our communities, and we invest together with our business partners. However, we simply cannot translate our combined success into square meters. The satisfaction of our communities, partners, and above all, the end-user is our most important achievement", said Hubert Michalak, Senior Vice President, Hillwood.